Saturday, February 10, 2018

SCA Business Cards!

Blurred out my last name ;)

In the interest of sharing the fun and joy the SCA has brought me and since I am taking on a new, more visible role in my home Barony (more on that later as I get warranted!), I decided to get some business cards for my SCA persona. These will come in handy when I teach a class or when I want to quickly and easily exchange information with someone I've just met. They'll also work well as "calling cards" to say "I was here" or "I appreciated your work." I want to get some small, inexpensive charms to attach as tokens or something to leave at A+S displays.

Let's talk about the design. I looked at other SCAdian business cards and decided what I liked best. I featured my heraldry and my SCA name front and center since those are the most important. I also included my highest award. If I had any relevant Kingdom awards, I would have included them as well. Anyone with a grant-level or peerage-level award will want to include those on their card.

Next, I added my location. This is good for networking and helps folks in nearby (or far away) baronies know where you are for networking or guest-teaching purposes.

I also added a link to this blog (which I am working hard on making relevant and worth of being included on my card!) and my SCA email (which redirects to my main without cluttering up my main account). My Instagram is linked as well, in case anyone wants to follow my more mundane art projects and my beautiful fat orange cat child, Butterbean.

At the very bottom I have my skills and interests, so folks with similar interests or questions will know what to geek with me about. I love to get my geek on about Arts and Sciences (ok mostly arts).

Please bring your cards and trade with me at events in the future!!! I would really love to build up a collection of all my favorite people and to meet new people as well!

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