Monday, February 22, 2016

My SCA Journey

I first heard about the SCA way back in 2007 or so in my tender impressionable teenage years. I went to a demonstration in Virginia Beach (I later learned that this was the Barony of Marinus) where I was bedazzled by the garb and the shiny armor of the fighters. They kindly invited me to join them, but school and work and lack of transportation got in the way.

In 2012 or 2013 I rediscovered the SCA through costuming blogs (an obsession of it any wonder I've started my own?) and in 2013 I contacted my local group and made my first foray into Caer Mear. It was during the reign of Amos and Ysabella, so I was introduced to the Baron and Baroness as well as the King and the Queen all on my first visit to the SCA, which was more than a little overwhelming. I have some social anxiety, so I brought along a friend. Even with that support, I was too nervous to speak to people properly and get to know them. My friend made an instant connection by starting heavy fighting under the tutelage of the excellent fighters of Caer Mear, but its a little harder to sit in a room of friends doing arts and sciences and to make a space for oneself. Eventually I drifted away and stopped going.

In 2014 I went to my first event on a whim. Two events were happening that day: a Regency picnic at Maymont and Ruby Joust. I wasn't sure which one to pick, but I think I might have made the right choice. I whipped up a simple Bocksten tunic dress in a plum colored linen and paired it with a blue linen Skoldehamn hood (I was very grateful for that hood as the day went on!) that I had made on a whim in a class taught at one of the baronial A&S meetings months and months ago. I made another Bocksten tunic for my boyfriend at the time and away we went to daytrip the event. It was hard to know what to do at the event, but I vaguely recognized some people from practice and they vaguely recognized me so I ended up being able to spin yarn (it is very lumpy but I have it still!) and listen in on a bardic circle to some excellent singers and storytellers. I even attended court, starry-eyed in delight at the pomp and circumstance.

After that, it was a whirlwind of involvement. I, by happenstance, acquired a SCAdian roommate. Thanks to him, I managed to attend Bacon Wars, was coerced to camp for the first time at War of the Wings (with the excellent Wandering Turnip Farmers), and tasted my first mead.

In 2015, I decided on a name and a rough persona and became Eadyth Woderose, an English lady of the late 14th century. I also attended five events that year and met incredible new people who became my incredible friends.

Now, in 2016, I aim to expand on my persona. Who is Eadyth? What does she do? More than that, I want to expand my garb closet and improve my period impression. I currently wear gothic fitted gowns aka GFDs aka bust-supportive cottes made of linen. I want to venture into wool and more economic cutting techniques and hand-bound buttonholes. I want to improve my embroidery. I want to perform in public without being TOO petrified. Who knows what this year has in store?

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